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Banish Fear, Anxiety, Panic, Worry, Depression and Negative Thinking and manifest your birthright of happiness, abundance and love. Learn relaxation and meditation techniques to help you sleep like an angel.

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Theta Healing Healing is a gentle, powerful and non-invasive healing technique. Unconscious saboteurs to your happiness can be removed gently and instantly so creating the space for a new, healthy and exciting life to begin. Theta Healing is a form or energy healing and is therefore a type of spiritual healing. Click here to book your Theta Healing in person in Byron Bay or by skype anywhere in Australia or world-wide with Jasmin O'Hara.

Theta Healing is an exciting, innovative, spiritual based technique that allows you to identify limiting belief systems, dissolve deeply held blocks and instantly reprogram the unconscious mind. You can achieve amazing results and make significant changes in your life with Theta Healing.

Theta Healing is a an innovative spiritual healing technique and powerful therapy to help in your transformation to achieve your Soul Purpose, Abundance, Happiness and Happy Relationships. You can change your sub-conscious beliefs, release ancestral/genetic blockages and reprogram your unconscious in order create a more peaceful, harmonious and successful life. It is a renowned and effective therapy to help you heal deeply and achieve your Soul Purpose. It is powerfully transformative. It is also a powerful technique for manifesting abundance, changing unconscious belief systems, ancestral healing and reprogramming your belief system. It is effective in relieving stress, anxiety, panic and negative thinking

So how does it work?

The first step is to fully know yourself, your habits and the motivations of your soul. This is best done with zodiac astrology. This powerful tool enables you to get to the heart of the matter instantly. Once conscious of the issues you can mobilise a large number of strategies to heal deep and live the life you always wanted.

The key to transformative change with Holistic Healing is identifying the underlying pattern or belief system that needs to be healed.

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